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Relocating to Poland? We have the expertise to make your resettlement worry-free.

Moving to Poland can be a frustrating and time consuming process. We have helped many families move from the United States to Poland and each situation has challenges. People have a lot of questions when relocating. They range from, "What is required for personal identification?", "Do I need tax records?", to, "What household items do I need to declared?", "Do I need a residence card?", but the most asked question is, "Are there customs duties on my resettlement items?"

Resettlement property (personal property) are things intended for the personal use of those interested or to meet the needs of their households, termed household goods. Household goods are duty free if you live in Poland for more than six months.

  • Movable household property - Personal effects, furnishings and equipment for personal use that meet the needs of your household.
  • Private motor vehicles - Bicycles, motorcycles, private motor vehicles, trailers, caravans, pleasure boats and private planes.
  • Other items for ordinary needs of the family - Domestic animals, riding animals, portable instruments and equipment necessary to perform your craft or profession.

The exemption from customs duties shall not apply to alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, means of transport intended for business and goods used in gainful or professional activities, other than portable equipment necessary for the performance of a job or profession. Resettlement can be carried out in several separate batches within 12 months from the date of the new residence.

Exemption from customs duty does not imply exemption from tax on goods and services and excise duty. Whether exemptions from these taxes will be applied are dealt with separately, according to the provisions of relevant tax law.

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