International Car Shipping

Before your vehicle ships to Poland or Germany, our experts will take special care hand-loading it into a container ensuring a worry free journey to its destination.

Shared Container

Containers are expensive. We keep the cost down for you by sharing the container cost with cars like yours. All of our vehicle shipping services allow you to include gifts or other personal items in your car for a small fee.

Car Parts

We offer other shippng options for car parts. Shipping classic car parts, engine mods, or a new set of wheels? We can make it happen and quickly with shipping speed options like our Premium Standard and Premium Express options for fast delivery.

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo)

We handle large boats, heavy equiptment or any vehicle that is over 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high or 40 feet long. RoRo takes special quoting so give us a call to discuss the details +1 (973) 508-6097. We are here to help.

Not sure how it works? Well, we can help.

Shipping cars internationally by ocean container can feel like a daunting process and it can be, but we handle all aspects of shipping your car for you, making it simple.

The process of shipping a car, motorcycle, lawnmower or ATV starts with us asking a few questions. What type of vehicle is it? Do you need us to pick it up or can you deliver it to our warehouse? Will you need transportation of the vehicle to it's final destination or can you have someone pick it up at our agent's warehouse? Then we provide you with a comprehesive quote.

After you approve the quote, we work through the shipping forms which require a bill of sale, vehicle title, and a copy of your passport. Then, we load your vehicle into a container at our Linden, NJ warehouse. After loading is complete, we transport it to the Port of NY and put the container Poland or Germany with three destinations, Częstochowa, Gdynia, Rzeszów or Hamburg. Our agents will handle the customs process and pick up your car at the port and unpack the container at their warehouse. You can pick it up or we can arrange delivery.

Feel free to give us a call if you would like to talk about details or to get a comprehesive quote. +1 (973) 508-6097

Ocean Rates
Car Length Czestochowa Bremerhaven Gdynia Hamburg Rzeszow Warsaw
0-204" $1,465 $750 $1,024 $750 $1,311 $1,289

Shipping from the US to Poland Since 1989.

Why Us?
Real People

Our staff is a proud group of Polish shipping professionals that are unequaled in skill and creative problem solving. They are as tough as nails but love taking time to talk about your particular vehicle shipping needs. Give our customer service team a call +1 (973) 508-6097.

Why Us?
Experience Counts

It takes experienced and skilled proffessionals to ensure your vehicle arrives safe and secure. We have been shipping cars for 30 + years and have a proven process to ensure we do the hard work for you. Our agents on the receiving end, ensure your documentation is correct.

Why Us?
Creative Problem Solvers

We ship exotic cars, delicate restoration projects, custom motorcycles and lots of shiny new paint. Each shipment is unique and takes creative problem solving to ensure your vehicle will be delivered safely and securely.

Here's how we work.

1. We provide you a quote

We will provide you a comprehesive quote, including transportation and destination charges, give us a call.
+1 (973) 508-6097

2. We help you complete shipping forms

We will provide the appropriate forms and request your required documents including, Bill of Sale, Vehicle Title and a copy of your Passport.

3. We prepare and ship your vehicle.

Your vehicle cannot contain prohibited substances drugs or any flamible material including, but not limited to, gasoline, alcohol, firearms or ammunition.

We are passionate about vehicles and vehicle shipping. Contact us today to get a quote.

Or Call Now: +1 (973) 508-6097